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Preparing and Giving Testimony 

We, the youth, can and must bring the power of our voices to the government agencies and hold them to account for their climate protection responsibilities. We have experienced the tremendous power we have in reframing the traditional arguments that paralyze real climate action: jobs vs climate; economic threat; not now; gas will be too expensive; etc.

What we as a team will do

  • create a diverse group of youth 14-19 years old who can commit 4-6 hrs/month

  • select our preferred shortlist of climate issues the particular government agency has authority over, or should exercise authority

  • with coaching prepare written and/or oral testimony, get assistance with testimony writing/editing and receive coaching for oral testimony preparation

  • choose from a schedule of upcoming hearings for your participation either in written testimony and/or oral testimony 

Hearing schedules for the California Air Resources Board and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District for 2022 will be posted here in late December. Most hearings are still being conducted by Zoom. For in-person hearings or meetings with agency or legislative staff, or climate experts, GOC will provide transportation for team members.

If you're interested in developing a testifying strategy on your own, or to understand our approach, check out our Guide on Giving Testimony

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