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Generation: Our Climate is a youth grassroots climate advocacy group started 5 years ago that focuses on reforming the climate agenda to (hopefully) better protect our generation and future generations through activism and public testimony.

Who are we:

Generation: Our Climate focuses on testifying at the local, regional and state levels of government for climate protection and environmental justice. We are teams of youth (middle and high school, college) that plan, prepare and testify to bring the youth voice, (the voice that pierces the blah, blah, blah) and the perspective of the climate emergency that only we can describe. 

The year 2022 demands we bring louder and more forceful voices to our plight. The regional and state agencies must do much more to significantly and immediately cut GHGe emissions across the spectrum of their authorities. COP26 failed our generation, Congress and the White House continue the immoral expansions of fossil fuels subsidy, development and use. We find the local to state agencies of government are more accessible and responsive to the youth voice, so let's build political will from the ground up. 

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